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SET Junior
SET Junior

SET Junior

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Your first SET game! With this two-sided game board kids can start to play as early as age 3!

Side 1: Match your tile to a square on the board. Get a point chip for every SET made. Start to recognize SETs while matching color, number and symbols.

Side 2: Now that you know what a SET is, it's time to flip the board and have fun racing to find as many SETs as you can!

Side one teaches matching using colors, shapes and numbers. The magic squares on the board have SETs in all directions and start to familiarize kids with what the different types of SETs look like. Players take turns matching their tiles to the corresponding squares on the board and collecting point chips for completing SETs. Once they have learned to identify SETs, kids can flip the board and race to find as many SETs as possible!

On side two of the board there are 10 squares where tiles are placed face up. When a player finds a SET they shout “SET” and remove the SET from the board, scoring one point. The dealer replaces the three tiles and the fun continues. There are no turns and no luck in this game. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.