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Published in 1905 by Milton Bradley (catalog #4384). Game is played with a deck of 40 color lithographed cards depicting various comical scenes. The object of the game is to "capture" all of the cards, this is done in the following manner.

1. Deal the cards equally among the different players, keeping them face down.

2. The player at the left of the dealer begins the game by taking off the first card of his pack, and placing it on the table face up, and the play continues to the left until each player in turn turns up the first card of his pack in the same manner.

3. When any player sees two cards which are alike turned up on the table, he may call out "SNAP", and the one first calling takes all the turned up cards in both places where the duplicate cards appear.

4. The successful player takes all cards won and places them face downwards under his original pack and must then play his first card upon the table.

5. The game continues as above until one player secures the entire pack, thereby winning the game.