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In Ultimate Werewolf Extreme, 3-25 players will use their wits to deceive and uncover deception by fellow players as they attempt to discover who among them is a werewolf. Like traditional werewolf games, Ultimate Werewolf Extreme has all sorts of roles and a moderator to run the game, but Extreme reworks this in several ways:

  • A free, moderator assisting app that helps create and execute games with ease - automatically scanning each player's face and role using micro QR code technology

  • An abundance of information on each card: role name, role description, role art, team, traditional balance value, info value, moderator difficulty, wake order, wake frequency, game length impact, and special considerations.

  • A new role-balancing system based on information vs. the number of werewolves in any size game.

  • Optional rules to increase difficulty, such as invisible Lycans, alternate nominees, celebrations after werewolf elimination that reduce village abilities, and elected judges that determine whether a nominated player is eliminated or not.

  • Enough cards in the base game to play three simultaneous games of Ultimate Werewolf Extreme.

Most importantly, the game is integrated with a new app that makes moderating easier than ever before. No more writing down all of the roles and who is assigned to them, or trying to remember some of the complex interactions that happen when using multiple special abilities. The app has two major parts: A deck configuration tool, and a game moderator assistant. The deck configuration tool creates a deck based on user-set parameters, such as number of players, moderator difficulty, info value, or traditional role balance.

The game moderator assistant automatically scans cards, player names, and player faces, placing them into the app and using that information to run the game. While a moderator is still required to run the game and monitor the app, much of the critical bookkeeping, such as tracking the players who are still in the game, which actions should happen in what order at night, and timing each of the games all happen automatically. This app is not needed to play, but it will make moderating a breeze with a timer, turn order, and loads of special features!